Top Reasons to Visit Cebu, Philippines

The cultural history, marine life, and lastly the people are the top reasons to visit Cebu City, Philippines. This city is actually the largest city and the capital of Cebu province (the province is actually an Island). Get your cameras ready because there are a lot of things to capture in the so called “queen city of the south”. Be ready to have a glimpse of the past and enjoy the rides as you go for a one spectacular tour in Cebu City, Philippines.

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It is true that Cebu has a lot of cultural history compared to other parts of the Philippines. Get a chance to visit many museums that perfectly depict the story of not just the city but the entire Philippines as well. You will notice numerous monuments, houses and churches that are as old as the city itself. Cebu is the home of the first Filipino freedom fighter named Lapu- Lapu.

The first Philippine hero (Lapu- Lapu) fought with Ferdinand Magellan of Spain in order for the city not to be invaded by the Spaniards. The Spaniards lost the battle but after some time they were able to invade Cebu.

You will notice the Spanish influence in the city which makes it interesting and the top reason to visit Cebu City Philippines- for those who are into history. The Magellan’s Cross is a Christian cross housed in a chapel and was planted by the order of Magellan in 1521 and is now the most visited spot in Cebu. The churches in Cebu are also another reason to visit the city. Imagine how old and magnificent these churches are.

Cebu City is a very lively place. They have a lot of festivals all throughout the year that you will surely have fun with. Lechon Festival (whole roasted pig) is a festival perfect for meat lovers. This festival is where you will get an unlimited taste of Cebu city’s best food ever (lechon). Another festival that the tourists are looking forward to in this city is the Orchid Festival. This is where orchid growers bring out their award- winning orchids. This festival is one proof of how the city and even the entire Cebu province give importance to nature. Among the festivals in the city, the most popular and most celebrated is the Sinulog Festival. The Sinulog Festival proves how religious the Cebuanos are since this is a festival in honor of the Holy Image of Senyor Santo Niño de Cebu. With so many festivals in Cebu City there is absolutely no room for boredom.

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Since Cebu is surrounded by crystal blue water, expect a bountiful marine life. Go scuba diving and be amazed with the world class dive sites destinations like: Malapascua, Pescador Island, Moalboal, Sunken Island and Mactan Island (all located near the city). Expect a bountiful marine life and colorful corals which are perfect for photography. For photographers and scuba divers, the marine life is the top reason to visit Cebu City. The Mactan Island is one of the tourist’s favorites and has a very well developed diving infrastructure. This city is without a doubt one of the most beautiful diving site in the world.

The festivals and the bountiful marine life describe how great the Cebuanos are. The way they give such great importance in their culture and history is something they are very much proud of. They are very protective with the marine life in the city and that is the reason why it remains very beautiful and rich. Foreigners usually don’t get a hard time speaking with the people in Cebu because they are very good with speaking the English language. Yes, Cebuanos are pretty good in English that is why you will also notice a lot of BPO companies in this place.

The hospitality, wit and intelligence of the people are the top reasons to visit Cebu City, Philippines. Having a tour or vacation in this friendly and rich city is extremely memorable.

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